Cantine Colosi Terre Siciliani

“In vino veritas” (In wine there is truth). Sicilian Proverb
Sicily is an island located on the southernmost tip of the “boot” of italy. In truth, the island looks like the boot, or the mainland, is kicking it away. But this beautiful island, with its mountains, small towns and vineyards has become somewhat of a destination in recent years. This discovery has led to a renaissance in Sicilian culture, especially in the cuisine. Being half Sicilian myself, I have enjoyed this life for all of my years, so it is very easy and a pleasure to share it.

Food and wine are driving forces in Sicily. Foods tend to be robust and flavorful and satisfying to the most voracious appetite. Wines here are no exception A typical Sicilian red wine, if there is one, is a deep purple color, aromatic and flavorful with hints of fruits and sometimes dark chocolate. Until recently Sicilian wines were used mostly for blending as they were thought to be inferior. But that has now changed and Sicily is producing vintages at least equal to the more well known regions.

Cantine Colosi is located on the island of Salina which is part of the Sicilian Archipelago. The warm Mediterranean climate produces some of the most sought after wines in the world, and some of the most varied. Here, the Colosi Family conducts it business as it has for many years. The volcanic soil is rich with minerals and the exposure is ideal for growing the grapes. The vines are planted on terraces and include a blend typical to that area. This marriage of the grape produces a very satisfying, rich tasting wine with flavor that honors its equally rich heritage.

The Colosi Rosso is a blend of Nero d’avola, an indigenous grape and the most widely planted on the island, and Nerello Mascalese, grown on the slopes of Mt. Etna and considered by many to be the defining grape of Sicilian wine. Each contributes to a strong grape taste with visible tannin. It is aged first in stainless steel tanks, then for 6-12 months in french oak barrels, which adds another dimension to the strong flavor. The aroma speaks of red fruits, blackberries and strawberries.

Because of the taste characteristics of this wine it lends itself to heavier, stronger tasting meats and well-aged cheeses. Pair it together with beef ribs, venison or wild boar, or a hearty soup such as roasted garlic soup. An aged Romano or Locatelli cheese is also a good fit because they have the character to add to the taste of the wine rather than get lost in it. This is a wine which deserves a good meal along with it. One look and you can tell it has the flavor. A quick sniff will tickle your senses as you inhale its rich bouquet. But to taste. To taste is to live. To truly enjoy what is good about Sicilian life.

Purchased on line at WINE.COM, I do recommend this wine highly and rate it 9 out of an almost impossible to achieve 10 grapes. It is a truly wonderful addition to your family table as it is to mine. So, “Saluti e centanni!”

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