Wine by JOE

an unexpected find

“Hey brother, can you spare a dime for a cup o’ Joe?”
Watch almost any film noir from the 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s and this line will appear somehow, some way. At the time some down-on-his-luck guy would be asking this of a man who appeared to be better off than he was so a dime would not break him. However, he was probably asking for the dime so he could buy a cup of coffee. Now, some people still refer to it as a cup of Joe and even Dunkin’ Donuts got into the act with its BOX of Joe, a cardboard and plastic container filled with coffee.

After a long day especially here in the Carolinas where heat and humidity are the rule, a nice cool glass of wine is good to sort of wind down. My wife and I just enjoy that time when we can sit and relax, watch the birds, the clear sky and some beautiful sunsets. That’s why we moved here when we retired and the ability to do that gives a sense of calm, ease and fulfillment. Not a good time for a heavy red although it is my favorite, but time for a nice sipping wine. Something with body but a light citrusy lean.

Pinot Gris is kind of a distant cousin to Pinot Grigio. Both are made from the same grape but because Pinot Grigio has a little more acidity, it tends to be drier, while Pinot Gris is a little sweeter but with more flavor. Both are pale white wines, light by nature but good drinking wines nonetheless.

Wine by JOE Dobbes is a product of Oregon, an up and coming wine producer. There are some good, undiscovered wines coming from that area and this is one of the best. After working in vineyards for other growers, Joe Dobbes, a real person, took the plunge and started out on his own. His mission in the great northwest was to produce high quality wines at affordable prices. His courage and determination paid off, and he now owns the largest vineyard in the state and his goal of producing good wines has been realized.

With vineyards in the Williamette and Rogue Valleys as well as a network of other area vintners, this winery has been able to produce very find blends. A mixture of climate, soil and sustainable farming practices has made this the premier producer in the region. And the awards show it!

  1. 89 Points – BEST BUY, Wine Enthusiast.
  2. 90 Points – Tasting Panel (Dec, 2019) Gold – San Fran Chronicle.
  3. Gold Medal – 2017 Houston Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition.
    And many others.

Upon cracking the bottle open you can smell the aromas of mango, a rarity in wine. This aroma combines with pear and lemon zest for a strikingly clean bouquet. On the palate it is light, as you would imagine, and fruity with a taste of passion fruit and lime. All this comes together in a semi-clear appearance not unlike that of an opaque daffodil. A delightful blend with some body, it is made to enjoy with a meaty fish like tuna or swordfish while it would also complement grilled chicken or roasted lamb

At any rate, like many other wines from Oregon this is an unknown commodity. When you hear that a wine comes from this country, people generally think California, and rightfully so. Well, there are so many other wine producing states and Oregon is, in my judgement, one of the finest. So enjoy this one, responsibly, of course, and let your adventurous spirit take over. With my personal rating of 8 out of an unattainable 10 grapes, this wine will add to any table.

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Retired and loving life in North Carolina. Writing was always an interest, so I decided to give this a try. Former teacher, Wall Street Brokerage Associate and Postmaster for USPS.

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