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“A golden color gives way to an indescribable experience.”

Pinot Grigio is a pretty zesty type of wine which is characterized by a pale light, straw like yellow color, sometimes almost clear, with a bouquet and taste of citrus, lemon lime and sometimes a touch of green apple. One of the most popular white sold in America, it is second only to chardonnay in sales volume, it is light and smooth, almost silky and perfect as a sipping wine on a hot day, a wonderful replacement for something like, say, lemonade.

Right from the opening of the bottle this is not your typical pinot grigio. The arome embedded in the natural cork enters your nostrils almost immediately with a very clean, fresh finish the likes of which is difficult to either find or describe. The deep amber color, closer to a copper, is also a remarkable difference for a wine known for clarity. No mistaking the golden hues, this is a beautiful wine to behold.

Interesting to note here is that the grape from which this wine is produced is actually a grayish-pink color, maturing closer to purple, which accounts for the deeper color of this particular product. The Venica family winery was established in 1930 by Daniele, grandfather of the current owners, Gianni and Giorgio. Over time respect for the land, for tradition, has been the driving force in their quest to produce the finest wines in smaller quantities. With production normally limited to around 150,000 bottles per year, it remains a smaller, but highly prestigious winery. As I have stated in the past, they produce something of which their grandfather would approve, and of which he would be very proud.

It is also worth mentioning that the winery is alive, featuring resort accommodations along with tours and tastings to supplement everyday activities like golf, luxurious rooms and food as well as art and the history of the region. Wine tastings are a daily event and an adventure all their own, wine is the central feature, the family’s pride and their movement to the future. The pinot grigio possesses a richer flavor than most of its counterparts so it does pair well with white fish as well as it does with richer shellfish. It will also stand up to stronger cheeses like Locatelli or a well-aged Romano which is a lot more common here.


Rewards for this wine are many and varied. In 2019 “Civilta del Bere” dedicated to the top wineries awarded it the title of “Simply the Best,” while also receiving praise from reviewers here in The States like Bloomberg and The Washington Post. In 2018 Vivino’s Wine Style Awards voted Venica as one of the top 5% of wines in the world. Normally priced at about $25, this is an exceptional value and an exceptional wine and will find an honored place at your table anytime.

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