“Money is a funny thing. You can’t take it with you. But can’t go anywhere without it.”
“Rich or poor, it pays to have money.” (Both authors are unknown)

I’ve always heard that the best things in life are free. A blue sky, a brisk walk, a hand held. There is really no substitute for things like this. No replacements or “maybe something else’s.” So then what is it that makes these things so valuable. What is it that moves a person to tears of joy or sadness, lights up a face or shows some pleasure.

Now, I haven’t written anything here in quite some time and when I do it is normally about wines, Italian mostly, that I have sampled and enjoyed. Yes, there were a couple of recipes a while back and one post about growing up. These are all parts of what i have deemed to be a nice, rather adequate life that I share with my family. About 7 years ago, after retiring, my wife and I decided it was time to leave the cold and snow of rural Connecticut where we had lived for 30 years after a youth spent in the Bronx. (And please note the “THE” there). Our sons were raised and moved on so we moved. That’s right, we up and moved to the south. The Carolinas called and we answered, partially aided by the fact that my older son was also

here. So we followed, built a beautiful home and figured we would stay there until eternity called.

Funny though how life changes. I guess that change is really the only constant in life and we reacted to it. The beautiful home we had made near the shore became a vacation spot for much of our family and we loved having them there just to keep us connected. I even reconnected with a friend from the Bronx who I hadn’t seen in over 30 years! But, life moves. Change comes in so many different forms and with each change comes a reaction. Oh yeah. Reaction.

See, the reason I hadn’t written in so long is that we moved again. The retirement home we built (remember that line?) became big. Beautiful, but still big. But there was another change. A small one, but a change nonetheless. Driving about three hours every other week became a regular thing and then became tiresome. Age takes its toll and it just takes a little longer to get in and out of a car than it used to. In my own way I don’t mind getting old, I just wish it didn’t hurt so much. But drive we did, visit and then return home. About three hours each way. It was worth the trip because my son and new daughter really liked having us around. But then something else happened. Another change. A little person entered the picture. One which my wife and I had really kind of given up hope on. This little person changed everything in our lives as we discovered a new and improved era in parenting. This one had no responsibilities. Discipline was gone, forgotten, out the proverbial window. Cuteness and adorability reigned supreme. To this person, my wife who she adores is called “Bana.” But best of all, she calls me “Papa.” And truthfully, I melt every time I hear it. So we moved to be closer to this little one and of course to make sure that she is sufficiently spoiled to our standards.

Now, what does all this have to do with the usual content of this column? Maybe nothing. And maybe more than I can imagine. Change, you see, brings us to where we are, where we want to be. And right now, there’s no place else. Oh wait…

“What’s that Gianna? You fell down? Oh no. Don’t worry, Papa’s coming.”

Published by JC home

Retired and loving life in North Carolina. Writing was always an interest, so I decided to give this a try. Former teacher, Wall Street Brokerage Associate and Postmaster for USPS.


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