“Wine is water filled with sunshine.” (A French saying, author unknown)

So for today we ventured out and tried something different. I had never seen this wine before, but the clarity of the bottle and the simple, attractive label kind of drew me to it, so I gave it a try. I normally do enjoy doing this. I am the type of person who will order a flaming filet of yak, simply because it is on the menu and because it represents an adventure. Oddly, I only got burned once by this years ago when I ordered chicken in mole sauce in a Mexican restaurant. That experience was just awful, but I have had people tell me that it was probably not prepared well. No matter. I gave it a shot.

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Sauvion Vouvray is a chenin blanc from the Loire Valley in France. Vouvray is the name of a small, picturesque town in the Valley, on the northern bank of the Loire, where houses are carved out of the local “tuffeau,” the sandy limestone in the area. Since the cellars are buried in this soil, they remain cool and humid all year providing an almost ideal climate for aging wines.

Chenin blanc is one of the most diverse of all grapes because it can be used in making bone-dry to very sweet wines, and everything between. It also has the innate ability to maintain acidity in any wine on the dry to sweet scale.

Sauvion Vouvray exhibits a golden yellow color, but with the light hitting it just right it also shows off a very slight greenish tinge. The aroma is very light and pleasing, kind of reminiscent of a chablis. You can grasp the aroma of the fruits very easily if you do let it sit for a few minutes before pouring. I normally don’t decant my white wines, but just to give this one a little time to breath and give off some of the acidity, this is one white that will stand up to a decanter and, since it is served chilled. benefit from a very slow move in temperature.

This wine really has the taste of very ripe melon with some slight leaning to spices. This is a lighter wine, actually better on its own than as a food accompaniment. With a slightly sweet taste, one that I was not expecting, it maybe even felt to me like more of a before or even better, an after dinner drink. Not that it got lost with the food, we shared it with a meatless pasta dinner, but the sweetness of the wine didn’t go well with the meal. A sweeter wine usually doesn’t pair well with a robust cheese or with the acid of a tomato.

But, don’t misunderstand. After dinner, maybe an hour or so, we went back and poured another glass. As it was still in the decanter it was aerating now for about three hours and the flavor, although still slightly sweet, was more to my taste. So I guess what I am saying here, to repeat myself, is that this is a stand alone wine. I could envision a hot summer day out on the patio really enjoying the refreshing tastes of this wine.

Even though I will normally prefer a very dry wine, I will be purchasing this one again as it is a good variation from what I normally drink. It is refreshing and in a word, different. And if variety truly is the spice of life, why not include a glass of Sauvion Vouvray to feed that hunger for diversity

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  1. I’m not a great wine drinker, though I do enjoy a good Champagne occasionally, but I love the passion with which you write about them. Maybe I’ll be tempted to try some.


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