Denominazione di Origine Controllata Grave

Chi lascia la via vecchia per la nuova, sa quel che perde e non sa quel che trova” (Who leaves the old road to the new doesn’t know what he finds)

So this offering is a little different from my norm, and frankly a little out of my comfort zone. But I started this as an adventure, a hobby really to occupy my mind in retirement and to expand what little knowledge I had about wine and such. Well, this journey of mine has led to a real appreciation of not only wine, not only of what constitutes the “good life” (not to be confused with A good life) but also a finer appreciation of history and of family values. As I read about these wines, the wineries and the stories behind them it always astounds me that so much thought, so much pride and work goes into them. So many of them are handed down through generations. A few do fail or sell out to a conglomerate. But far more go about their business in a family style, using knowledge of the past, tradition and pride to produce as fine a product as possible. So with that being said, we move on.

The wine I have chosen here is imported by Orvino. With associated wineries all over the world, Orvino only distributes quality, valued products, varied products which they thoroughly monitor to insure high standards. Orvino wine, as an entity, prides itself in offering premium, recognizable labels, while being extremely conscientious of the quality represented, value offered and the markets they serve. Beginning with 40 labels, exclusively from Italy, it currently can boast of partnerships in such diverse countries as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Australia, France, USA, and, of course, Italy.

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Vino Dell’Amicizia Pinot Grigio is produced in the Veneto Region of Italy. This region is loaded with history and was once considered a world power as the Republic of Venice and was a center of not only trade, but also of military might until its merge with the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. To this day the region most notably the city of Venice is a major tourist attraction and a center of culture and history. As far as wine production, the region really produces more reds than whites, but it is the largest producer of Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) whites and is home to both Soave and Prosecco.

I think what drew me to this wine was the clarity of the bottle as well as the design. Attached to the bottle you will see a small twig which is actually a piece of the vine. Not a deciding factor, but still a nice touch. The bottle itself is pretty standard shaped, but again, just an attractive addition. The wine itself is a very light straw yellow color, pretty simple and direct, a true Pinot Grigio in that respect. In the glass the light can reflect and meld with the color to give it an almost kaleidoscope effect. With a very soft aroma of peach and pear it can stand some time in the glass. On the palate the taste of the pear really comes through, but by no means is this sweet. There is a slight tartness but for the most part this is a very smooth tasting, slightly acidic wine that can satisfy. Perhaps the best word to describe it is clean, as the taste does not linger long in the mouth, but it will hang around long enough to beckon another sip.

This is a perfect wine to enjoy, very slightly chilled, on a hot summer day, relaxing poolside or in the yard. The bottle itself invites conversation while the aroma and flavor can finish it off very well. As a Pinot, this would best be served with roasted poultry or a lighter fish, say a flounder or trout, or with light cheeses. But because of its delicate flavor it may be lost with more substantial dishes like say, salmon or shellfish. Also consider it as an after dinner wine rather than drinking one of the sweet, vermouth-styled offerings.

Adventure comes in many different forms. One does not have to scale a mountain or run a marathon to be adventurous. Rather, it comes from a state of mind, a dare to take a risk, to wander into the unknown. That is what life is about. Make every day an adventure, a novel experience. La Dolce Vita waits for no one, but at the same time, it does welcome all comers.

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Retired and loving life in North Carolina. Writing was always an interest, so I decided to give this a try. Former teacher, Wall Street Brokerage Associate and Postmaster for USPS.


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