We now enter another phase of my dying computer…the waiting phase. The new battery is on order and should be here on Monday, unless it gets caught up in a supply chain malfunction or delay, or our American Truckers see that delivering a battery just is not worth $5.50+ diesel gas. Either way, I have time traveled and resurrected this article from the past. I hope you enjoy it. I promise that I will be up and running again as soon as I can. Drink up. Raise a glass. Stay well. And please feel free to comment.


“Fruit of the vine and work of human hands.” taken from the Catholic Mass.

Abruzzo countryside

FANTINI wines are part of the larger wine producing family, Farnese. Based in Abruzzo, Italy, this family has vineyards and wineries in various places around the boot. This sangiovese is a product of the region known as the “Terre di Chieti,” or the “Province of Chieti,” which was created in 1995 when the IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) category was first introduced. This wine is more location specific, focusing on the hills around the city of Chieti, the provincial capital. Production regulations are much looser with the IGT designation than they are with the DOC or DOCG designation, so these wines can range from dry whites, to sweet roses and sparkling reds. But the majority are dry red table wines made from a handful of local grape varieties.

Farnese vines

In searching for wines I…

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