“Next to pharmaceuticals, wine is the best drug.” Elisabetta Gnudi Angelini In Italy, a “Borgo” is sort of an equal to an American Borough. It is actually a hamlet, almost a new city, set outside the gates or the walls of an older city. It has its own church, town center, post office and residences.Continue reading “BORGO SCOPETO CHIANTI CLASSICO 2017”


“The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” Benjamin Franklin. The Montepulciano grape can be grown all over Italy, but it is most dominant in the province of Abruzzo. Wines produced from this grape can be either soft or bold tasting,Continue reading “SENSI COLLEZIONE MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO 2018”


“Age and glasses of wine should never be counted” Italian Proverb Barbera D’asti is an Italian red wine produced in the hilly provinces of Asti and Alexandria, situated in the Italian Piedmont or Piemonte. The grape itself dates back to the thirteenth century with vinification officially being first recorded in the seventeenth in the cityContinue reading “MICHELE CHIARLO BARBERA D’ASTI”

“PUTTANESCA” is Italian for WHAT?

Food. The ultimate Italian experience. Hundreds of different sausages, dried and hot or sweet, with or without fennel, lamb sausage. Then talk about macaroni, pasta to some, you could write a book about all the different varieties. Each region, each town and truly each family has its own turn, its own peculiarities and its ownContinue reading ““PUTTANESCA” is Italian for WHAT?”


“A man who develops himself is born twice.” Argentine saying. Argentina is a land of many dichotomies. It is the land of the GAUCHO, the country where Latin music and one of the world’s most popular dances, the TANGO, were introduced. A country where a steak is almost revered and more red meat is eatenContinue reading “SANTA JULIA PINOT GRIGIO”


The Columbia River Valley is a land that is rich in history. From its first formation nearly 90 million years ago it has undergone many reformations and recarvings of its landscape up until now when parts of the river form a natural boundary between the states of Washington and Oregon. Erosion, quakes and volcanic eruptionsContinue reading “14 HANDS 2016 CABERNET SAUVIGNON”