Another excellent Barbera from the Piedmont. Just as a little background, Barbera D’asti is an Italian (you may have guessed that already) red wine made from the Barbera grape and produced in the northern provinces of Asti and Alexandria. Damilano is a truly old school wine producer, with great respect for tradition and history. ItContinue reading “DAMILANO BARBERA D’ASTI 2018”

Marchesi di Gresy Barbera D’Asti 2019

Tenute Cisa Asinari Dei Marchesi di Gresy is an estate in Northern Italy which includes four properties located in Monferrato and Langhe, in the Piedmont Region, which also happens to be the home of some of the finest wines in the area, if not the world. But this particular estate has more than a history.Continue reading “Marchesi di Gresy Barbera D’Asti 2019”


The Valpolicella Region of Italy is located in the northern province of Verona, just east of Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy. While the region has been made famous in history and theater as the home of Romeo and Juliet and also the home of Two Gentlemen from there, the region is also knownContinue reading “ZENATO ALANERA ROSSO VERONESE”


“Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai = Age and glasses of wine should never be counted” The real spirit of Italy is embodied in this saying. It may just sound like an invitation to drink more wine, which is of course entirely possible, but it is really an invitation to enjoy lifeContinue reading “TOMMASI PINOT GRIGIO 2019”


Picking a wine involves so much now. Everything factors into the decision including the name of the vintner, appearance of the bottle, reputation and of course, the price. I think that for most, especially the novice wine drinker, read that as the normal person, unless you have a personal preference, the price of a bottleContinue reading “SCAIA CORVINA VENETO IGT 2017”


“Wine is water filled with sunshine.” (A French saying, author unknown) So for today we ventured out and tried something different. I had never seen this wine before, but the clarity of the bottle and the simple, attractive label kind of drew me to it, so I gave it a try. I normally do enjoyContinue reading “LOIRE VALLEY SAUVION VOUVRAY 2019”


The MASI Winery, located in the area surrounding the romantic and historic northeastern region of Veneto, is very much a family operation with a long and storied history. The use of native grapes, experimentation and a real commitment to high quality all have combined to make this winery one of the premier producers in theContinue reading “MASI BONACOSTA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO DOC 2018”


Sometimes, as you well know, just the look, the appearance of something really catches your eye, makes you take notice. Now this can be anything from a color, to a label or even just the direction your head turns. I don’t know. Maybe there is some deep seated psychological thing involved here, but let’s remember,Continue reading “EMPORIUM APPASSIMENTO ROSSO SALENTO”


This wine is produced by the Colombini family, a name which dates back to the first century A.D. Throughout the years, this family has seen its fortunes rise and fall as they went from bankers to church monarchs, some beatified, to virtual gangsters and outcasts and back to respected political figures. With contacts in theContinue reading “FATTORIA dei BARBI ROSSO di MONTALCINO 2016”

Cantina Gabriele Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

“You can celebrate with wine, or you can just drink it anyway” (Old sayings have to start someplace!) As many of you know, there is a magic to Italian wines. The passion is totally undeniable as is the devotion to family. So many wineries there and throughout Europe can actually trace their origins back toContinue reading “Cantina Gabriele Montepulciano d’Abruzzo”