“Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai = Age and glasses of wine should never be counted” The real spirit of Italy is embodied in this saying. It may just sound like an invitation to drink more wine, which is of course entirely possible, but it is really an invitation to enjoy lifeContinue reading “TOMMASI PINOT GRIGIO 2019”


Lake Garda, Lago Garda in Italian is the largest lake in Italy. Situated between Venice and Milan. Today, it is a very popular vacation spot in Northern Italy but it is the history of the region that is so fascinating. The lake as well as the region, was formed by glaciers toward the end ofContinue reading “LUGANA SAN BENEDETTO 2018”


“A man who develops himself is born twice.” Argentine saying. Argentina is a land of many dichotomies. It is the land of the GAUCHO, the country where Latin music and one of the world’s most popular dances, the TANGO, were introduced. A country where a steak is almost revered and more red meat is eatenContinue reading “SANTA JULIA PINOT GRIGIO”